14 Inch LUCID by LinenSpa Cashmere Covered Plush Memory Foam Mattress

The importance of the good night’s sleep is undeniable. A number of inventions have improved the way in which we sleep and one of them is the memory foam mattress. You can now select from a wide range of models and this naturally makes it difficult to make the best choice. As a physical therapist and long term user of such memory mattress, I get asked to recommend a product very often, but I cannot do this without reviewing it extensively. This gave me the idea to write down reviews of the most popular models and present and to post them on the web. I present to you my review of the 14″ LUCID® by LinenSpa cashmere covered plush memory foam mattress four-layer viscoelastic with bamboo charcoal bed.

The LUCID memory foam mattress review is based entirely on my findings, knowledge and experience. I will provide evaluation of each feature and capability of the model and present a detailed list of its pros and cons. It is up to you to decide whether to follow my recommendation in the conclusion. The important thing for you is to make the right choice given your particular needs and requirements.

Product Description

The LUCID mattress is made up of four layers. The base layer is made from high density foam. It is followed by two layers made from memory foam – a support layer and a comfort layer. The top memory foam mattress layer has unique properties which I will discuss in detail later on. The memory foam uses open cell technology which gives it several important properties. The comfortable mattress is wrapped in a removable cover made from cashmere. There are six size options for you to select from twin and twin XL, full, queen, king and California king. The product has a 25-year warranty.


This memory foam mattress has thickness of 14 inches. This makes it one of the thickest models available in the market. Generally, the greater the thickness is the greater the support is. You will most likely feel more comfortable as well.

The base of LUCID by LinenSpa is made from high density foam and is 8 inches thick. You can expect it to provide firm and reliable support at all times. The material is not prone to wear and tear and to decay. It will retain its structure, thickness and shape in the long term. This is really important for the overall durability of this firm memory foam mattress.


The support layer comes next. It is made from memory foam and it is 2 inches thick. It does an excellent job in providing support to you. The back feels naturally supported without the mattress exerting any pressure on it.

The comfort layer is over the support one. It is made from memory foam as well, but it is slightly thicker – 3 inches. This layer provides a good level of firm support while feeling cushy. The LUCID mattress will be so comfy that you will want to stay in bed for as long as possible.

The top bamboo charcoal memory foam layer of LUCID mattress is 1 inch thick. It is the one which is in closest contact with your body. It absorbs some of your body’s heat so that it becomes more elastic and moulds to your body shape naturally. Of course, the effect is the same on the other memory foam layers but it is on a smaller scale.

The bamboo and charcoal infusion makes this top layer hypoallergenic and antimicrobial. It has moisture-wicking properties as well. You will stay perfectly well protected from all kinds of pathogens. You will feel comfortable using the mattress even if you have sensitive skin. You will enjoy the properties of the top layer in the long term as well. It will remain in perfect condition for many years to come.

The memory foam of the LUCID memory foam mattress uses open cell technology. This technology makes it possible for the layers made from this material to retain their natural properties in the long term. It prevents the leaving of permanent body impressions. That way, your comfort is guaranteed even after many years of use. Besides, this technology increases the breathability of the mattress.

The cashmere cover is soft, smooth and luxurious. It adds to the great feeling from using this memory foam mattress. The cover is resistant to dust mites, other allergens, bacteria and mold. It has a zip which makes it easy to remove. It can be washed in a washing machine.


LUCID Memory Foam MattressThe LUCID memory foam mattress conforms to your body naturally. It uses its heat to get more elastic so that it can mold under its pressure and weight. This memory foam mattress will follow the contours of your body naturally irrespective of the position which you sleep in.


You will get naturally back alignment and perfect support of the neck and shoulders. Any discomfort and pain will be relieved almost instantly. You will feel firm support and incredible softness thanks to the viscoelastic properties of memory foam.

This comfortable mattress eliminates the transfer of motion when one of the sleeping partner changes their sleeping position. The memory foam under each of the partners will mold in a unique way and its structure cannot get affected by the movement of the other.


This memory foam mattress can be used by any person who wants to get full rest at night. You can use it no matter how much you weigh, what your body shape is or how you prefer to sleep. It is safe to use by people with allergies and other medical condition. It can provide relief to people who experience back, neck and shoulder pain.


The good things about LUCID by LinenSpa are:

Perfect balance between firmness and softness
Easy to maintain
25-year warranty


The not so good things about this mattress are:

The LUCID mattress takes around two days to expand – This can be a drawback if you have disposed of your old mattress.
The top layer may feel slightly unnatural at first – Still, the feeling is pleasant and you will get used to it.


The verdict of this review is that the 14″ LUCID® by LinenSpa Cashmere Covered Plush Memory Foam Mattress Four-Layer Viscoelastic with Bamboo Charcoal Bed cashmere covered plush memory foam mattress four-layer viscoelastic with bamboo charcoal bed is a fabulous choice. It gives you comfort and support. It has great durability. It has virtually no flaws.


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